Sunday’s Pretty Icons (Pt 2)

Time for another photo blog! Here’s a collection of pictures from the last week. 

As always, a photo of my kitten. This was taken on Monday night when I’d been having a mixed day – lots of really great things happened but I was feeling quite unwell for most of the day and she spent most of it curled up next to me making me feel better.

A couple of examples of the lovely, generous gifts I’ve received. Getting post is always lovely! (Although I think my dad is starting to get tired of the number of times he has to open the door for a package for me!) 

Another fairly gratuitous photo of Arya  (although I could probably make an entire photo blog just of photos of her!)

I bought a grabber at a friend’s suggestion – hopefully it will make things a bit easier and mean I can pick things up without having to ask for help all the time. It feels really easy to use and so far I’ve managed to resist the temptation to use it on people (or kittens)…. So far it’s proved a very useful investment! 

On Wednesday after physiotherapy I saw a couple of my friends which was lovely. One of them made me this which is adorable! She also made some jam for me which I’ve been very much enjoying! (So much so that I might try making my own if treatment allows!)

Dad and I won our new quiz game on Wednesday! It was a really fun game and I’m not just saying that because we won (although that definitely helps :p) We played again the next day and then I was on the losing team, but only just, and I got a lot of the answers right!

Another photo of Arya, this time stolen from my brother’s Facebook. Isn’t she adorable?!

More kitten spam!

This photo was taken a year ago on Iona – I saw it on Friday and it made me feel happy so I wanted to include it here, even though it’s not actually a record of this week. (These are the two friends who visited me on Wednesday)

Today I went to the Harvest service held at Waste Farm, in my dad’s parishes. It was lovely – but this may be the first time I’ve seen Eeyore at a church service! We had a lovely lunch afterwards and once again I took advantage of treatment not having started to have some brie. (Yes, I’m a little cheese obsessed…)

Today is also ‘Wear Grey for Brain Tumours Day’, so today I am appropriately wearing my Lula and Luna leggings from Black Milk! Cats and tumours are pretty much my life now so this feels like the right thing! 

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