Simple Things 

I thought I would make and post a bucket list – it seems to be the ‘done thing’ for this kind of blog and I’m more likely to do the things if I tell people them. Some are long standing ambitions, others are new, some are likely to happen and others aren’t. 

1. I’ve wanted to visit Iceland for at least a decade now. Travelling long distances, and especially to foreign places is beyond me right now, so I’m currently filing this in the ‘unlikely’ category but if it happens it’d be amazing – even if I can’t do what I’d originally planned  (which was lots of walking! Considering that my mobility is so bad right now 

2. More likely, I really want to get to the new Star Wars film. I think it comes out in mid-December. I won’t be able to get to a midnight screening but I’d love to go as soon as I can. 

3. I’d also like to keep going to gigs – Belle and Sebastian and Iron and Wine are both playing near me in (I think) March 2018, as are Elbow supported by John Grant. I doubt I can get to all of these – money isn’t limitless and gigs are expensive, after all! I’ll probably need an accessible ticket and I think I need official confirmation of PIP for that but live music is something I love. 

4. A much smaller thing but still important – I’d like to keep doing day trips. They’re good for me, and seeing somewhere that isn’t my house or the hospital is so refreshing. At the moment it’s harder because most weekdays I’m in the hospital for radiotherapy but I have today and tomorrow off so that gives some breathing space and opportunity to do something. On Friday, all being well, we’re off to Coventry to see the cathedral because I’ve never actually been. Going to Oxford to visit my brother is also on the list!

5. In the short term, I have a weekend trip to Manchester planned! It’s for a baptism mostly but happily falls just before my birthday – as I’ll be having radiotherapy on my birthday itself, this should be a really nice way of celebrating. So I hope I’m well enough for it as the baptism should be lovely and I really want to be able to go. 

6. I’d like to be able to finish my PhD thesis  (or submit it as an MPhil, though I don’t know the regulations for that!) I’ll be (hopefully) getting a revised version of my MLitt dissertation published, news of which came as a massive boost to my self esteem (see my post ‘It Could Have Been a Brilliant Career’ for more). Under ‘normal’ circumstances  (not that normal exists for PhDs!) I’d have a year left to go now but I haven’t really done any work on it since May and won’t be in a position to do much for the foreseeable future. I will have to investigate options but it would be a shame for work I’m actually quite proud of to go to waste. 

7.  I’d like to be able to make it up to Glasgow as well. This would obviously be a much longer journey and much more intense so it falls somewhere between ‘day trip’ and ‘Iceland’ on the scale of likelihood! 

If anyone has any other ideas I’d be more than happy to hear them! I’ll add to this once I think of more but for now these are the things that seem important. 

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