A week into treatment and I thought it was worth doing an update on how it’s going. I’ve had five days of radiotherapy and seven of chemo. Originally the machine was meant to be serviced on the Thursday and Friday so I was going to get both those days off and go in on Saturday, with one extra day tagged on to the end. It turned out they managed to fit me in on the Thursday so I just got the Friday off. (And today as will be usual.) This means it actually turned out to be a shorter break than usual, and while I’d got myself in the mindset for a day off on Thursday, that was the smoothest day which at least reassured me that I can do it. Hopefully over the next few weeks the pattern will settle down a bit – it’s easier to plan trips, visits and rest days that way! 

The chemo so far is largely fine. I have to take the tablets one hour before radiotherapy on those days which I have that too, and on the other days it’s more flexible but I am trying to take it at roughly similar times. So far I haven’t noticed many side effects, apart from dry skin which should be relatively easy to sort out with moisturiser. The tablets themselves aren’t any worse than the multiple other tablets I’m on! 

The radiotherapy is a lot tougher, and the mask feels quite tight (though that probably means it’s right) – though it feels a lot more comfortable now that they’ve done something clever with it. It was causing a few problems for me but I think/hope those have been fixed now! Fortunately the effects don’t seem to last much longer than the radiotherapy itself. This morning I felt quite unwell but that’s now passed and may be down to the fact I had a busy (albeit lovely) day yesterday.

My radiotherapy team are lovely, and I’ve been very reassured by how quickly they’ve appeared in the room when there has been an issue. On Saturday there were different people, including someone I knew as a teenager! We haven’t seen each other since we were about 18 – a strange place to run into someone you know! 
I still have five weeks to go, but being a week in means I know how the system works and what I need to do, which helps a lot. I can wear my own clothes and bring in my own music for the radiotherapy which is nice! The whole thing takes over life a bit so finding ways to make it more ‘normal’ is a good idea.

Tomorrow is back to radiotherapy (at 11.40, so at least I should have the rest of the day off after my blood tests are done and be allowed to eat at a sensible time) – I’m certainly not looking forward to it but I’m not dreading it. I’m going to try and get some good rest and have things throughout the week to look forward to – at the moment the only things in my diary are hospital related, so I need to do something about that even if it’s just lots of baking! 

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