Sunday’s Pretty Icons (Pt 3)

On the 2nd October  (the day I started chemo and radiotherapy) this wig arrived from Lush Wigs! It’s purple and beautiful, as well as being very comfortable. I’ve had short hair before so that doesn’t bother me at all, but I’ve really missed being able to dye it. I want to get a couple more so I can change colours easily and often! Since writing this, I have caved and ordered a couple more wigs, one of which makes me look like a mermaid!

I’m mostly not wearing wigs as they’re too big for the radiotherapy (and Arya isn’t used to being around long hair so she’s *very* intrigued)  but it’s nice to have the option of them. 

On Friday 6th October, my new phone arrived! I decided to test the camera by taking a photo of Arya who as always is looking very lovely and very photogenic. Since then I’ve taken many more kitten photos, because why wouldn’t you? 

She even tried to help when we were sorting out my wardrobe – though ‘tried’ may be the operative word there! 

On Saturday 7th October, another friend from Glasgow came to visit which was lovely and I bought this dress when we went shopping! I had to go back in the following Monday to get the security tag taken off because they’d forgotten to do it but it is beautiful!

 On the morning of Wednesday 11th October I got a really lovely email from Black Milk, my favourite clothing company. I really want a skirt they used to make but it’s sold out on site so I’ve been trying to find it without much success – but they’re making it for me specially! It has a brain on so I really want to wear it to treatment! I think it’ll help keep a sense of humour – I’ll post a proper photo when it arrives, but for now a screenshot from the website will need to suffice! In case you don’t recognise the pattern, it’s a brain! I hope the radiotherapy team find it as morbidly amusing as I do. 

After complaining about how salted caramel is everywhere (along with kale and avocado) my dad found this when we went to the hospital restaurant after radiotherapy! I was by turns amused and horrified. 

 I baked another cake! This time it was chocolate, lime and spice – it actually worked quite well and tasted lovely, even though we accidentally left it in the oven for a bit longer than we should have! (And I couldn’t taste the mixture because raw eggs are one of the few things I’m definitely not allowed right now)  

For a long time I’ve been joking that I look like Eleven from Stranger Things when I’m wearing a hospital gown, so when a friend showed me that this exists I needed to get it! I even made her watch the first episode of Stranger Things when I was making my parents watch it ahead of season 2 being released very soon. 

On Friday 13th October  we were planning on having lunch out and then going to see the new Blade Runner but unfortunately I was admitted to hospital on Thursday and by the time I was discharged on Friday I just wanted to be at home. I’m feeling much better now though! 

My feeling better might have been helped by these shoes arriving! They are the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen – I’ll hopefully be wearing them to a wedding in December and maybe to a baptism in November as well. One of the advantages of a wheelchair is being able to wear shoes I’d never be able to walk in!

Today I went to Coventry Cathedral – it was a lovely service and an even lovelier building! 

Finally, a cheeky request from me. My birthday is in the final planned week of radiotherapy. This means I won’t be able to celebrate that day. I’m planning to spend the weekend before in Manchester and go to the baptism of a friend’s baby. The week after I should be on a break from treatment and able to celebrate with my family, so it’s by no means all doom and gloom. The day itself is unlikely to be fun though, and a few people have asked how they can make it better.

If you’d like to send me a voucher, e-card or something virtual, the best email address to get me on is You can also use this to get my address if you need it. My Amazon wishlist is here if you want to buy me something from it: 

If you don’t want to buy from Amazon anything is appreciated, those are just some ideas! I’ve also been getting so many parcels and general thoughtful gifts that I’m so appreciative of – please don’t feel pressure to send me something at all! 

My brother co-organises a mini festival in Newcastle called DaveFest. Everytime they’ve done it for charity and this time round they’ll be raising funds for a brain cancer charity. I’m sure they would appreciate any donations you can make (and if you live in the North East of England or can get to Newcastle easily, I’m sure you’d be welcome in person!) I don’t currently have a link to donate but as soon as I do I’ll post it! 

My final idea isn’t possible for everyone but is free – if you can donate blood, please consider doing it. I know lots of people have reasons they can’t, from medical ones to the ridiculous queerphobic policies of the blood donation services. But if you are both willing and able, it’s a free way of helping people. 

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