As most people probably already know (because I haven’t shut up about it!) it’s my birthday today! I’m now 26, and this is a very weird feeling. It’s certainly a very different birthday to last year, which I spent in Stockholm in the snow.

 In comparison to that, radiotherapy and seeing the consultant really doesn’t make for much fun! I did get to wear this badge though, which meant birthday wishes from the radiotherapy team and my consultant as well as extra sympathy! 

After the hospital though, I had a lovely day – starting with brunch with mum in Boston Tea Party. Apologies for the very hipster array of photos, but I figured you *have* to take pictures of food when you’re somewhere that puts avocado in coffee…. 

After we got home from the hospital and brunch, my auntie came up (all the way from the Isle of Wight!) and we had a lovely BB-8 cake made by my mum.

 I then opened my presents – thank you to everyone who sent presents and cards! Some of them didn’t have names in but I’m very grateful to everyone. Thanks for online messages too – everything has combined to make this a lovely day, even if we did spend a lot of it in the car and I had radiotherapy and a consultant appointment.

Obviously all presents are wonderful and the love and care is always appreciated – but I think my new signed vinyl of Tigermilk from Belle and Sebastian may be the greatest thing I have ever owned. I also got a chocolate pizza, a lot of books and a panda onesie, among other things. I’ve wanted to try chocolate pizza ever since I found out it existed so I am very intrigued! I don’t think I need to buy anymore chocolate for a while (though I will inevitably eat it all by this weekend now that I’ve said that!) 

There were several points since diagnosis I genuinely didn’t think I’d make it to my birthday so this has been a really special day for all sorts of reasons. Thanks again to everyone who has made it so special! Inevitably I will be dragging out the celebrations as long as I can because we’ll be celebrating again next week once radiotherapy and chemo are over. I’m not yet sure what we’ll be doing exactly but there’ll be something to mark the occasion!

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