(Radiotherapy is) Over! 

Some much needed good news – I have now finished radiotherapy, and finished chemotherapy on Monday, which means that treatment is over for now! The next step is six months of tablet chemo, but that starts in mid-December and will be five days in every 28. It also doesn’t mean going into the hospital everyday so that will take a lot less time and feel very different.

I’ve been warned that the side effects can last longer than the treatment so I probably won’t bounce back straight away – but as the only real side effect I’ve had is luckily tiredness, I can cope with a bit more of that.

I think the strangest thing will be that my life won’t have to revolve around going into radiotherapy anymore – for the last six and a half weeks it has, apart from at weekends, and that’s going to be really odd. There’ll still be medication to be taken and physiotherapy to have, and various appointments and scans so I won’t be utterly bereft of hospital visits, but it won’t be everyday. It’s been an odd six and a half weeks but I’ve made it this far, at least.

The next photo is of the mask I had to wear during the treatment. It gets pinned to my face while I lie down in what looks like a CT scanner. Don’t look if you’ll find it distressing! I’ve just mentioned the mask before and realised most people probably won’t know what that means. We have kept it because my mum has a morbid fascination with it… I’ve asked for it to be kept in a room I don’t go in because I’m not sure I really want to see it again!

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