There’s Too Much Love

I got back today from a long weekend in Glasgow, where I lived until July this year. It was quite odd being there for a visit rather than just living there, but I’m so glad I was able to make it up this weekend, and thank you to my mum for making it possible and driving about 300 miles each way!
We drove up on the Friday and back today, and spent most of the Saturday at the wedding of two of the best people I know, and the Sunday was mostly at my Glasgow church for Advent Sunday. It was a really lovely if long and tiring weekend – I’m watching Strictly on iPlayer as I write this and will have a full day of hospital appointments tomorrow but currently feel quite exhausted, though not unwell so that’s a bonus! Sorry to everyone I didn’t get to see but I’ll hopefully be back briefly before too long, if I can find a good time to come up! 

Being back in the city where I spent nearly 7 years was both lovely and very strange. Things have changed an awful lot since the last time I was in Glasgow – as I’ve said before, there’s so many things I just never noticed, like quite how big hills are and how much I can feel cobbles in my entire body when I’m pushed over them. It was strange to be there as a visitor rather than just because I live there, but I’m very glad I managed to make it, and managing to get to St Mary’s and to Lizy and Petri’s wedding was absolutely fantastic. 

One of the lovely things was how many people said hello to me and asked how I was doing, both at the wedding and at church on Sunday. It’s always nice to remember how many people are thinking of and care about me.

The good thing about being home is getting to see Arya again. She seems to be a teacake fan! 

This is a photo taken in York by Lizy and it made me smile so much that I thought I would share it here. Sounds like a perfect shop! 

On Sunday afternoon we met up with two of my friends and I got some pancakes! We ate very well over the weekend. It was also lovely to see Holly and George again! 

This was the front of the order of service for the wedding – it was such a lovely service.  It was partly in Finnish (the groom is from Finland) and all the choices felt so natural and right and Lizy-and-Petri like. 

This was me at the wedding, before I started crying when I saw Lizy walking up the aisle. Notice the wig and the shoes and the dress! (Also my new-ish wheelchair, which now that it’s officially Advent is going to get properly pimped up!) 

So I’ve had a wonderful weekend, one that’s been full of people I love and care about. I’m very tired now but so, so glad I went and was able to make it. 

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