I thought it was probably about time for another update on how things are going and what’s happening. I start chemo again on Tuesday, for five days in every 28. It’s scheduled to last six months then we’ll see what happens. Like the last time, chemo is tablet based so I can take it at home, which means that I won’t have to go into the hospital all the time which is great. 

  I’ve had the last month as a break but it doesn’t really feel like it’s been that long at all. I’m glad I won’t be on chemo over Christmas though – not that it was that bad for me, but the more normal Christmas can feel, the better. I even have an Advent calendar and various plans for the day and those surrounding it (including a community theatre production of the Grinch, the Nutcracker and, of course, the new Star Wars film, the Last Jedi!) 

I’ve had a busy November and December so far, with trips to Manchester and Glasgow, my birthday and Christmas shopping all having happened! A combination of being quite busy and tired, and also being rubbish, means I’ve been very bad at replying to messages – I’m very sorry if I haven’t replied to you! (Honestly, it’s almost certainly not personal and just that I’m bad at replying!) 

 It’s even snowed (which may scupper plans for going to the Christingle tomorrow, as there’s meant to be 20cm of snow!) – I love snow and cold weather if I’m wrapped up warm enough, but we may not be able to actually get there! 

I also got a new wheelchair, provisionally called Buckbeak (though that might change now…) – I’m looking forward to decorating it, which will hopefully happen once my brothers are back and can help! Inevitably once it’s done I’ll put photos on various forms of social media so you’ll get to see them! I can self-propel the new chair though I’m quite slow with that, but it’s nice to have a bit of independence and be able to push myself when I want or need to, and it’s relatively easy to push when someone else does! 

So hopefully the new round of chemo goes well, and I get to enjoy all the plans we have for the next few weeks. 

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