(Kitten) On Wheels 

On the day I came out of the hospital at the end of August, our new kitten arrived. In fact, she came half an hour before I did, and while my mum and brother were picking me up, my dad was getting her from her previous house. She was born at the end of June which makes her about six or seven months. So, for anyone who hasn’t yet, meet Arya! She’s very feisty and cuddly, often at the same time. 

While I haven’t been able to train her to get me snacks and drinks, she is helping so much (when she isn’t trying to eat my feet!) –  I was told while in hospital that I could have a ‘recovery kitten’ and she was the result! At one point there was talk of multiple kittens, I think up to five… But currently at least we only have one! 

Service dogs are a pretty common concept, particularly for blind/partially sighted or autistic people, but as a) I wouldn’t be able to take a dog for walks and b) cats > dogs anyway, a kitten suits me very well. While Arya doesn’t (yet!) get my drugs or make me drinks or food, and I’m not sure cats can be trained anyway, she’s very good at keeping me company and giving me cuddles when I need them. It’s especially useful when I’m home alone, which happens fairly rarely but when it does, it’s always lovely having her around! 

She is a beautiful kitten (or possibly a cat by now!) which most people who follow me on various forms of social media probably already know! She’s even learnt the ‘rules’ – she spends a lot of time on other people’s shoulders, especially my dad’s, but mostly sits on my lap, and only *occasionally* tries to get my feet when I’m in bed or on the stairs! 

I’d like to say that Arya is very excited to be the subject of a blog but I’m not sure if she’s actually realised – I may be taking anthropomorphising (I have no idea if this is actually a word) too far! We can all pretend she is anyway! 

(P.S. My dad tried to guess which Belle and Sebastian song I was going to name this post after, and he went for the almost-inspired ‘Arya Feeling Sinister’…) 

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