Get to Know Me

I saw this today on Twitter and so thought I would do it as a blog post! The link to my tweet is here:

1) When working in Waitrose back in 2014, I served James McAvoy. He was buying a bird (I think it was a chicken?) for a party they were hosting that evening.

2) If everything had gone as planned, I’d be finishing my PhD later this year. As it is, I haven’t even opened the document since partway through 2017.

3) For World Book Day when I was about 8 years old, I went as Legolas. No one had any idea who I was meant to be.

4) When I was 12 (or 13), I was so angry at a teacher marking me down on a spelling test I took a dictionary to her to prove I was right. (Yes, I’ve always been this annoying)

5) As of this week, I’ve started reading properly again. Reading was always one of my favourite things so I’m happy about this. The book I’m reading at the moment is this one, and I’ve almost finished it!

6) Again, something that says far too much about my former self, as a teenager my favourite book was Jude the Obscure…

7) I have a kitten called Arya who you probably already know about because I don’t talk about much else. Have a gratuitous picture of her!

8) Our first cat I remember was called Stew, so named because he stole beef stew. His sister was called Dumpling because she liked dumplings… Their child was called Kebab (we also had a cat called Fudge, who wasn’t related to the rest of them despite her food based name!)

9) I have a theory that anything can be improved with cheese and I have not yet found something that makes me doubt this.

10) I’m scared of frogs. And other things, but mostly frogs.

11) I stopped eating fish when I was 7 after a trip to the aquarium in Plymouth.

12) I once played half the Sorting Hat in a production of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone.

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