February is now almost over and it’s gone by very fast! I’m sure this isn’t just me – most of Twitter has been talking about how quickly it’s passed compared to January. I know it’s a shorter month but it really did feel like it flew by – but looking back over it, I think I managed to fit a fair bit in and achieve most of my February goals – and some extra things I hadn’t planned before.

I saw Iron and Wine in Birmingham with my dad and brother – while we were at the gig, the building next door was evacuated, and according to the news, so was the one we were in! It wasn’t, though, and we didn’t know anything about it until after leaving when I checked my phone, which I quite an odd way to find out. I don’t think anyone was injured, and the gig itself was really enjoyable. (Even if I did think the clouds they performed in front of looked a bit like brains!) I’ve got a few more gigs, festivals and shows planned in coming months, so that’s something to look forward to.

A few days later, we went to Oxford to visit my brother. We went out for a really nice Lebanese meal, to the new Westgate shopping centre (which I thought was really well done and well worth going to if you are in the area!) and to the Ashmolean museum – it was the penultimate day of the world religions exhibition so that was interesting! My dad bought the book of the exhibition which I think goes into it in more detail.

The day after going to Oxford, mum and I went to London for a still-secret trip – hopefully we’ll be able to be more open about it soon enough but keep an eye out for the details!

The Lent course I’m attending started, and I really enjoyed it. The second session is this evening, and hopefully it will continue to be good!

I’ve seen a couple of friends this month, and have plans to see others soon! Seeing people is always a pleasure, though my energy levels do fluctuate and days like today are a little bit too cold to do much!

We saw the Post and the Shape of Water – I was expecting to enjoy the former a lot more than I did, but the latter was wonderful. I missed out on a few films I wanted to see – it doesn’t work as well when you can’t just take yourself to the cinema whenever you have a spare couple of hours! Getting along when I can and prioritising is the way we’ve been making it work though.

I got back into reading! Since surgery I’ve been finding it difficult to read, or find the motivation to read, but in the last few days I’m almost back to ‘normal’ (my normal, anyway, which when it comes to reading can be understood as ‘excessive and fairly ridiculous)

The book in the photo below is one that was sent to me by my friend Kimm, and has the best and most me title ever!

Plans for March are a lot quieter at the moment, but doubtless will fill up (mostly with hospital appointments)! Easter is on the 1st April so the final week will hopefully be taken up with Holy Week things, and all being well I hope to continue going to the Lent group on a Wednesday evening. I’m hoping to be able to see friends, and continue going to the cinema and reading. If anyone has any more good recommendations for things to read, please do let me know, though my to-read list is quite long!

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