50 Days of Joy

Pentecost falls 50 days after Easter, so this year is going to be on the 20th May. This year, I’m challenging myself to recognise the good things during this time. Especially at the moment, trying to see good things isn’t always the easiest thing but hopefully I can keep this up! Every week or so, I’ll try to post a series of good things and photos from the last week. I apologise in advance for the fact that most of them are probably going to be kitten related! This isn’t to say that everything is fine and joyful but that it’s good sometimes to try and take notice of the good stuff amongst the bad.

Day 1: 1st April

For the first day, a picture of ‘Complete Anglican’ which I worry sums me up too well!

Day 2: 2nd April

I got some Easter eggs! Here’s a photo of some of them.

Day 3: 3rd April

Arya is now about 8 and a half months old, and as lively and lovely as ever! As I write, she’s on my lap giving me a cuddle.Day 4: 4th April

Day 4: 4th April

I bought this a while ago because I’ve been enjoying the cycling machine at physiotherapy – I wanted to have something I could use at home in between sessions which doesn’t rely on balance I don’t have!

Day 5: 5th April

Day 6: 6th April

We went to a lovely pub where I had a very nice pie and the best mash ever! I can’t drink alcohol at the moment but I’m more than making up for it by having lots of good food.

Day 7: 7th April

Apologies for the very bad photo, but I thought this was one of the best puns I’ve seen. It says ‘hey girl, you goat this’ and I felt that was quite appropriate!

Day 8: 8th April

I’ve been doing a fair amount of reading lately after a few months of not being able to – I’m planning to write a separate blog about this later, but this is a photo of one of the books I’ve read lately.

Day 9: 9th April

A photo stolen from my dad, who is currently on a walk in the Whitby area. He sent me this photo of Hild of Whitby, one of my favourite medieval nuns.

Day 10: 10th April

Today was the first outing for my new pair of docs – I’ll hopefully be wearing them to see Wicked at the Birmingham Hippodrome next week, so thought the hospital today would be a good opportunity to try and wear them in.

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