50 Days of Joy Pt 2

I didn’t take very many photos this week so this post might be quite light on them, but it’s been quite an easy week to find joy in because lots has happened that’s really positive!

Day 11 – 11th April

As is often the case when I can’t think of anything else, here’s a photo of my lovely kitten Arya, who brings me joy on a daily basis.

Day 12 – 12th April

Today was a Very Good Day. Not only did I get to see the Nick Cave film, Distant Sky, at the Birmingham Mac, but my mum also managed to get us tickets for Les Mis in that there London in August. So lots to be very joyful about!

Day 13 – 13th April

I got this lovely package in the post from SCM. Chocolate always brings me joy so it felt like an appropriate choice for today!

Day 14 – 14th April

Dad came back from his pilgrimage walk in Whitby today – he’d taken my monk bear, Cuthbert, with him. Family were also visiting from Leeds, so this was the first of four lunches out in a row!

Day 15 – 15th April

Today I saw a couple of friends who were down for the weekend from Glasgow. Having lived there for nearly seven years, it still feels like ‘home’ and so it’s always nice to have a reminder of that in the Midlands!

Day 16 – 16th April

Today I saw another friend, and we went for lunch at Handmade Burger Company. It’s always nice to see friends, and although it seems to have happened a lot this week, it’s quite rare.

Day 17 – 17th April

Four days in a row going out for lunch! Today was the turn of the Slug and Lettuce in Harborne, with my dad and one of my brothers. We went after attending a funeral, which was a lovely service if a bit emotional! I’m definitely tired now, and will be grateful for a rest day tomorrow.

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