Is It Wicked Not To Care?

On Thursday, my mum and I went to see Wicked on tour at the Birmingham Hippodrome. It was the first time seeing it for both of us, though I’ve wanted to see it ever since I first heard about it. I certainly wouldn’t turn down the opportunity to see it again, because I absolutely loved it. I was familiar with most of the songs beforehand, and the vague plot, but there were still plenty of surprises left! I got the tickets as a Christmas present from my parents, which was lovely of them, although it has meant this has been a much more hectic week than I normally have!

I dressed suitably for the occasion, wearing a green wig, dress and make-up, and my beautiful new green docs! In August we have tickets to see Matilda the musical and Les Mis, so I’ll need to think of something to wear that’s equally fitting!

One of the advantages of using a wheelchair is often being guaranteed a good view! It’s not always the case (Cineworld, looking at you here!) but it was on Thursday. Apologies for the bad quality of the photo!

I managed to only actually cry during For Good, so I’m counting that as an achievement – and especially not crying during Defying Gravity deserves some congratulations! It was a very funny show, which I wasn’t necessarily expecting – it held the poignant moments alongside the laughter perfectly. If you haven’t seen it yet, and musicals are your thing, I’d definitely recommend it! It was also very refreshing to see something which has a very strong cast of mostly women, which is still something that seems to be quite rare in a lot of the media I otherwise like. Seeing disability portrayed on stage was also an almost new experience, and while I do have some questions about those portrayals, in many ways it was very refreshing to see!

As well as the programme, which will make for a lovely souvenir, I got a t-shirt (which I don’t currently have a picture of). We had a nice lunch out before the performance too so all in all, a pretty perfect day!

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