50 Days of Joy Pt 3

Day 18 – 18th April

At some point in April, I saw this headline, which brought me much mirth and amusement!

Day 19 – 19th April

The highlight of today was obviously going to see Wicked! For more, see my last blog post (https://debbiescancerblog.wordpress.com/2018/04/21/is-it-wicked-not-to-care/)

Day 20 – 20th April

Day 21 – 21st April

Mum managed to get the two of us tickets to see Les Mis in August. We’ll be going down to London for it and I’m very excited! I’ve already started planning my outfit (of course!) and I might have to get this mug…

Day 22 – 22nd April

I’ve been doing the challenge going around Facebook to name my favourite ten albums, which is a lot of fun – especially with the added challenge of not repeating albums that my family have already said! I’m planning on posting up explanations for them all on this blog once I’ve finished! Here’s one album I love though, and not only is it one of my favourite albums, it’s also one of my favourite album covers!

Day 23 – 23rd April

Some days very little actually happens – either I need a rest day, or just happen not to have plans. After a busy time up until Wicked, I’ve mostly had a week like that, revolving around sleeping, eating and taking pills. These are all important things though, and serve as a useful reminder that it’s okay sometimes to just do nothing or eat chocolate in front of the TV.

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