Happy Birthday NHS!

Firstly, a quick apology for not having kept this blog updated! Time recently has run away with me a little, although I haven’t actually been doing all that much. I’ve attempted to start working on my PhD again, and yesterday I wrote just over 1000 words. They’ll probably need to be rewritten but for now, I’m very proud of that. Apart from various technology related mishaps and seeing a few friends, life continues much as it has done recently – I’m tired a lot of the time but I’m rarely in huge levels of pain.

Today felt like an appropriate day to resurrect my blog because it is the NHS’s birthday.

It was launched on the 5th July 1948 by Aneurin Bevan, with the intention of being free at the point of access health service based on clinical need. I think everyone has reason to be grateful to the NHS, whether that’s personal, or because of a family member or friend, or because of your employment. Even looking at photos of costs of hospital admissions in countries which don’t have an NHS equivalent is a horrifying experience – being in hospital is stressful enough without the added burden of how you’re going to pay for it.

The NHS isn’t perfect – partly as a result of underfunding and cuts, but it is one of the reasons why I’m able to write this blog post. Other people have written with more knowledge and experience than me on issues such as migrant healthcare and working in the NHS, and I’d strongly encourage people to read these thoughts.

For now, though, a moment to celebrate the wonder that is the NHS!

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