Ease Your Feet in the Sea

Okay, so technically I didn’t go in the sea at all, but I’ve recently got back from a lovely holiday in Devon. It mostly consisted of visiting old haunts and seeing old friends – we were staying near to where we used to live before moving to Birmingham in 2005. I was very glad to be able to join in with most things – and my family was able to relax on the beach while I went to the pub or spent time with friends. There is one photo of me on a beach but I can’t have lasted more than about ten minutes before my brother and I went to the pub instead! (A much wiser decision, even if I can’t have alcohol!)

There was lots of good food – we even saw a couple of monks getting ice cream at Buckfast Abbey and putting it on the monastery’s tab! Definitely my personal highlight of the holiday. Other things we did were trips to nearby towns, including Totnes, which remains one of my favourite places in the UK, and Paignton Zoo, another place we used to visit a lot.

We stayed in a very good and accessible cottage, and I had a room on the ground floor – I was worried that not doing any stairs for two weeks would make returning to ‘normality’ difficult, but I can still manage it. The others made good use of the on site pool and games room, but I was conserving my energy for the board games in the evening and our various trips out.

It made for a very different family holiday to last year, where I ended up in an Italian hospital. It’s now been just over a year since then, and doubtless I’ll post something to commemorate that – it was certainly something I was very aware of towards the end of the holiday and on the anniversary itself.

(Photo credits to my dad)

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