One Year On

Friday 28th July marked one year since my visit to A&E in Italy. There’s lots of anniversaries, but this one feels particularly significant. I didn’t post at the time because we were on holiday but I’m going to try and put some thoughts together now. This is one of my favourite photos from the hospital in Brescia – once again, the camera didn’t identify me as a face, but it did think the socket behind me was… I blame technology, rather than my face…

There have been several moments that I didn’t think I’d make it to one year, particularly since officially being diagnosed in September 2017. I was hoping to do a lot this year – go to conferences in the US and continental Europe, maybe finish my PhD, travel to various places I’ve always wanted to go to (particularly Iceland!). I haven’t managed to do any of that, but I have become a godmother, read a few good books, seen some great movies and TV, inexplicably got very into football and even managed to keep in touch with some friends and go on a family holiday! Apologies to the many people who I haven’t been so good at staying in touch with!

I’ve even managed a few gigs and theatre trips – and in August, I’ll be seeing Les Mis in that there London and Matilda the Musical in Birmingham. I’ll probably need several packets of tissues for Les Mis but hopefully it’ll be more than worth it. It’ll also be the first time I’ll have been on a train in over a year! If we were in London for longer, I know a lot of you live there but as we’re only going for the day, I don’t think I’ll have much spare time – but if you happen to see me please say hello!

I don’t know exactly what the future holds for me. Making little goals and having things to look forward to is helpful to me, like my goddaughter’s birthday and the theatre. Not having everything mapped out still feels new to me, even though it’s been a long year.

Of course, the best thing about this year has been my kitten, Arya. She’s got so much bigger since she arrived on the same day as I got home from hospital, but she’s as adorable as ever. She’s enjoying this heat much more than me, and finds everything endlessly fascinating still!

I’ll end this post with one of my favourite jumpers I bought this year – if it hadn’t been far too hot I’d have worn it for our trip to the zoo when we got to meet a couple of adorable goats!

(Image description: jumper with picture of goat 🐐, slogan says ‘hey girl, you goat this)

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