Do You Hear the People Sing?

I’m writing this from London Euston having just seen Les Mis! I’ve read (most of, I skipped the long digressions into French history!) the book and seen the film, but this was the first time seeing the stage show. I managed not to actually cry, which was a bit impressive.

I was wearing a red dress with black tights and a black cardigan, which felt appropriate if a little warm! My mum (who has seen the show before) was also wearing a red dress, so I make no pretence of originality, just appropriateness.

I was a bit worried about the various different aspects of travel and accessibility, but *so far* everything seems to have gone smoothly. It was the first time getting a train and a taxi in my wheelchair but this was easier than I imagined, and while I’ve heard various horror stories from different people, I haven’t yet had any issues.

The play itself was great – it didn’t feel like it was too long, the songs were beautiful – Do You Hear the People Sing remains a favourite of mine) and while I still have a lot of questions (why is the French policing system so strange? Is one cop assigned to every criminal? Where can I find Grantaire/Enjolras fanfic? Why is Marius so annoying? Are all brocialists as annoying? Why are there empty chairs and empty tables that weren’t destroyed in the battle?), I enjoyed it a lot and I’m really glad I was able to go.

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  1. I last saw Les Mis back in November- the North American touring production.

    Due to recently seeing Les Mis in the West End summer 2015, I was smart coming into the tour by deciding not to compare the cast or staging of the tour to the West End so that way I will get the most of what I was about to see.

    Even during the tour, I was still an emotional wreck. Each time I experience Les Mis, I end up crying. The touring cast lived up to my West End cast in their own way and same with the staging. My standouts from the tour ended up being those who played Jean Valjean, Enjolras, and Marius. As a matter of fact, the actor who played Marius actually made him almost one of my core favorite Les Mis character- plus I don’t find the character annoying.

    Les Mis isn’t just a musical- it is a musical that transformed my life; words alone can’t describe that


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