Simple Things, continued

About ten or eleven months ago, I wrote a list of things I wanted to achieve. Now that we’re getting to the point of lots of anniversaries coming up (surgeries, being diagnosed, starting this blog), I thought I would take a look at that list and see how much I’ve been able to do. The full list can be found here:

Top of my list was going to Iceland – obviously this hasn’t happened and since getting back from Italy I haven’t been able to travel abroad. Part of this is just practical – it’s easier to stay in this country for hospitals and insurance! Even if I was able to go, lots of the things I’d want to do there would be beyond the limits of my mobility. I’ve mostly resigned myself to the fact that this can’t happen, and will focus on what I can do instead!

The second thing on my list was seeing the new Star Wars film, the Last Jedi! I did get along to that, and more besides. As well as trips to the cinema and watching DVDs, I think I’ve been to more live theatre in the last year than I have before – I’ve seen Wicked, Les Mis and this month I’ll be going to Matilda! For my birthday this year we’ll be going to see the Cursed Child, and although I wasn’t that impressed by the script, I’m really looking forward to seeing it on stage!

The third thing was about wanting to keep going to gigs – some I missed and some I made it to! I also was able to get to some live comedy! While I won’t be able to get to the festival my dad and brothers are going to soon (camping when you’re meant to be infection free isn’t the best idea, much as I love camping!) I’m hoping to be able to continue going to gigs when they come along!

Number 4 on the list was about day trips – I’ve done quite a few of these, including to see Dippy the Dinosaur on tour in Birmingham last week and I’ve got a few more trips planned – even if it’s just a matter of going to the cinema or out for lunch, the change of scene is nice and while I’m only having to go to the hospital a couple of times a month at the moment, it’s always good to go somewhere that isn’t the hospital.

Number 5 was about going to Manchester for a baptism – I managed to make it and had a lovely time! I’ll be going to my goddaughter’s first birthday party in September – this is slightly terrifying but probably more so for her parents!

I’ve also started doing a bit of work on my PhD again, though I keep seeing calls for papers for conferences I can’t actually go to! Having something to work towards is good though, even if it is in a very haphazard way.

I also said that I wanted to get up to Glasgow – I made it up there last December, for my friends’ wedding. It was a lovely day, and nice to see people there!

So, I have managed to do most of the things I wanted with this last year, and some extras! I don’t know what the future holds exactly, but I’d like to be able to continue doing what I can when I can.

2 Thoughts

  1. It sounds like you’ve done an amazing amount of things & had some serious fun over the last 12 months (as per photos on FB). Many people without health challenges haven’t done as much as you have. Perhaps we should all write a list of what we want to achieve in a given time to help us stay focused & do them. Well done Debbie.


  2. It’s so good to see that you’ve achieved so many of the things you’ve planned. Let’s hope for more exciting things in the next year for you ❤


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