When I was young, I wanted to be Matilda crossed with Hermione Granger. (To be honest, I still do!) Part of my Christmas present last year was tickets to see Matilda the Musical, which is currently on tour and in Birmingham. Mum and I went today, our third trip to the theatre so far this year, after seeing Wicked and Les Mis! You can read about those trips here:


Les Mis:

I’ve just got home from seeing Matilda, and while I don’t think the songs will be stuck in my head, I really enjoyed it. That’s not to say that the songs weren’t good, and may be because although I’m very familiar with the book, I wasn’t familiar with the musical at all and so didn’t know any of the songs beforehand.

The first act finished and I was enjoying it, but didn’t necessarily think it was fantastic – and then the second act happened and that really blew me away.  I was also really impressed with the set design – everything looked lovely, and as a non-expert in these kind of things, it was really interesting to see. My only real issue was that sometimes it was quite hard to hear – other people also had the same problem so despite the fact that my hearing has declined, I think it was possibly a microphone issue rather than me! Otherwise though, it was such a good show. Despite the fact that my childhood was much nicer than Matilda, it was one of my favourite books as a child and I loved the film (and still do to this day, no doubt helped by Mara Wilson being one of the best people on Twitter!)

It’s only on in Birmingham for a couple more weeks, but then continues its tour – if you live near any of the locations, I’d really recommend it –

Warning – there were a few moments of strobe lighting, so if you are sensitive to that, watch out! I think there were a few performances listed as being ‘relaxed’ which would presumably be quieter and without the strobe lighting.



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