I’ve just got back from a day at Greenbelt in Kettering – it’s billed as a ‘festival of faith, arts and justice’ and somewhere I’ve been going, on and off, since I was 11. Although by no means perfect – like a lot of festivals and a lot of churches, it’s very white and middle-class, and this is sometimes reflected in the programming – but it’s also a place I’ve kept returning to, and really value.

I was meant to go last year, but for obvious reasons, wasn’t able to – although I knew camping is beyond me now, going for the day seemed doable so that’s what we did! My parents have been as day punters before but when I’ve been it has always been for the whole weekend, so that was new to me! I missed a few talks I was interested in but I should be able to download them to listen to later.

My highlights were, in no particular order:

  1. Seeing lots of friends, most of whom I haven’t seen in far too long! It’s always been something I’ve valued about Greenbelt, and this year was no different – I’m sorry to the people I didn’t bump into! After having spent all of today talking to people, after my consultant appointment tomorrow I’ll try not to speak to anyone for the rest of the week because I think I used my weekly allowance of words today!
  2. I was called a ‘twitter icon’ (never going to stop boasting about this) and lots of people told me they read this blog (hello!)
  3. My glitter wellies were also complimented, which makes the money I spent on something I didn’t actually *need* entirely worthwhile.
  4. I also got to see some good music and a really interesting talk about journalism, which ended up going in directions I didn’t think it would.
  5. After being worried that we wouldn’t be able to go after the weather yesterday, just being able to be there was great. It was very different going for a day to going for the whole weekend – as a proportion of my time, I spent longer getting to know the site, venues, food vendors etc, but I still enjoyed myself!

The accessibility was pretty good – it must be hard to make a festival fully accessible, but Greenbelt has an access team and even with a few (literal) bumps in the road, they did a good job. Because I wasn’t camping I can’t speak for the disabled camping, but I’ve heard good things about it.

Here’s the website if you’re interested:

Greenbelt Home Page

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