I thought I was probably due another health update – especially because there’s welcome news to share for the first time in over a year, really. I recently got the results back from my latest MRI scan – the last few haven’t been good, and have shown growth of the tumour. This time, however, it has shrunk, and shrunk considerably! My consultant said she danced around the room when she saw the scan, and I would have done the same were I actually able to dance! I went into the appointment sure that it would be bad news again – the best I could have hoped for would have been a slowing down in how much it was growing, so this was wonderful.

In other news, last week was also a chemo week so I’m quite tired, but that’s now finished for another month – as usual, I haven’t had any of the nasty side effects that some people experience, though that might be due to the ridiculous combination of drugs I’m on! I was trying to count them and I think I’m currently on a maximum of 17 a day (my maths could be completely wrong there, and the chances are that I’ve forgotten something vital!), which when we reduce the steroid dose actually goes up because there’s more tablets, even if it will be fewer mg overall (I know, I don’t understand either!) My mobility, or lack thereof, continues much as it has done for the last year – but there doesn’t seem to be too much impact on my cognitive facilities – and as this was one of the things I was most worried about, I’m happy to take the tradeoff with mobility!

Despite the tiredness, I have quite a few plans for the next couple of months and I’m hopeful they can go ahead – a friend is visiting next week, I’ll be going to a gig with my dad, seeing my brother in Oxford, going to a birthday party for my goddaughter and, for my birthday, going to London to see the Cursed Child! (A vast improvement on my birthday last year, which was spent having radiotherapy…)

So, the only real news is about the scan, but that’s quite big news!

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