Hand Tremor Diary

Loathe as I usually am to start a new project on a day that isn’t the start of a week, month or year, today I’m finally starting my tremor diary (or attempting to, at least) – my right side has had a slight tremor particularly in the hand since my surgery. This is made more unhelpful by the fact that I’m technically right handed! In practice what it means is that I can’t write by hand. My handwriting has never been good, but I did spend most of an academic year working as a notetaker without being fired, so it can’t have been that bad!

My original intention was to teach myself how to write again – I think this might be a bit beyond me but it would be a nice end goal! Typing is mostly fine, although I’m a lot slower than I used to be, but writing by hand is very difficult – fortunately it’s not often I need to do anything like that, but it would be a good skill to regain, and make me feel less anxious about writing. I decided to blog about it partly as self-motivation – I’m much more likely to actually do it if I have told people I am! I hope it will also provide other people in similar situations with what to do (or, perhaps, what not to do!) as well as welcoming any advice about how to address this! The plan as it stands is to start with dots and squiggles, and move up to letters, and maybe eventually words and sentences. Fortunately, my habit of buying beautiful notebooks from Paperchase and then never using them because ‘they’re too pretty’ is finally about to pay off! I’ve been trying to keep my hand moving as much as possible, though remembering to do this and finding the motivation for it is surprisingly difficult.

So, I’ll attempt to keep this going and hope it doesn’t fall by the wayside like most of my other projects have done! I’ll try and keep my Twitter and this blog updated too.

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