Year of the Blog

Tomorrow, Friday 14th September, I’ll have had this blog for a year! Considering I’ve never managed to keep up a blog for this long, I feel this is quite an achievement. I’ve tried writing other blogs before but it’s never quite worked for me, usually because of a combination of lack of inspiration and motivation. There have been times that I’ve let keeping things up to date fall by the wayside a little, and other times that I’ve written three times a week! But (according to my stats, anyway) after 65 posts and (at time of writing) 28337 views the blog is still going and so am I! I’m very grateful to everyone who actually reads this, and it’s a nice ego boost when people have told me they enjoy reading it! I get quite addicted to checking the stats and spend far more time doing this than I probably should (as you might have guessed from the fact I’ve mentioned them twice and I’m only 138 words in…) My first post was this one – – about my official diagnosis. It took me a little while to process it myself first, before writing it, and while I’m not sure that’s ever a task that will be fully complete, it has been a year of thinking about what all this means, with ups, downs and, if I’m honest, a lot of fairly average days.

I’ve written about music, health, my kitten, academia, faith and posted a fai few photos, among other things. If there’s anything I haven’t covered that you’ve been wanting me to, please do let me know! I enjoy writing, and keeping this mostly up-to-date helps to keep me occupied, especially on days I’m too tired to do much else. It stops me playing quite as much Age of Empires, anyway! (How one person can play that game so much is beyond even me…)


If what I’ve written helps anyone I’ll have achieved my goal for this – when I started treatment especially I found it invaluable reading about other people’s experiences, as a lot of the information was quite technical, and it’s always helpful to know what other people felt.

Blogging is also a much easier way of letting people know what’s going on – instead of needing to tell people individually, I can just write one blog post, click publish, share it on Facebook and Twitter and voila! It’s also helped me feel a lot less alone – moving back home, my family have been wonderful and a fair few of my friends have come to visit, some travelling a very long way to see me, but many of my friends are still up in Glasgow, or elsewhere, and while there is Skype and social media, it isn’t quite the same. (I’m also useless at actually replying to messages! So if you have sent me one and it still hasn’t been replied to, I’m very sorry and I promise it’s not that I dislike you at all!) (Probably)

So happy birthday (for tomorrow), blog! May there be many more posts to come!


2 Thoughts

  1. Happy Blog Birthday!

    I enjoy all the different things you write about in your blogs, but I would love to hear a little more about the incredible medieval women you have been studying. Do you have a favourite? What do you think they have to say to modern UK culture (or modern church)? What sort of role models might they be for women and girls in a very different world? I have only just discovered these incredible women and would love to hear your wisdom – either here or maybe over a cuppa one day?


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