Day out to Warrington!

I’ve just got home from a lovely day for Idony Ryder’s first birthday! The last time I saw her was at her baptism in Manchester last November ( – I’ve been getting regular photos and updates on how she’s doing, and she’s utterly adorable, even by baby standards. She can hi-five (I really want to get her and my kitten Arya in the same place to see what happens!) and was toddling around the place, as well as having even cooler shoes than I do! There was a bouncy castle, which I wasn’t allowed to go on (this may actually be the correct decision but I think it was unfair of my mum!), as well as a game of pass the parcel (Arya is enjoying playing with the ball I won in it!) and so much food I’m not sure I’ll need to eat again for at least a week – or maybe just until this evening.

I’m now very tired but I had such a lovely time – most people there I didn’t know, but there were a few I did, and lots who I met at Idony’s baptism. I’m not very good at talking to people I don’t know (I mean, I’m not especially good at talking to people I do know either!) but it was fun seeing people again, and I’m very grateful to Lykara and Dean for inviting me, to my mum for driving us up to Warrington and to all the lovely food, especially the cake!

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