Plans for October

This next month is shaping up to be quite a busy one! It’ll be my final month of being 26, as I turn 27 on the 7th November when mum and I will be down in London seeing the Harry Potter play! But there’s lots to look forward to in October first, provided I’m feeling well enough and have the energy.

Monday is ‘Wear Grey for a Day’ – I’ve got my t-shirt sorted ( and if I can, I’m aiming to make a cake in the shape of a brain. This will almost certainly completely fail, but I will try to attempt it!

On Wednesday, we’re going to one of my favourite gig venue, the Glee Club in Birmingham, for Okkervil River – that should be really fun. I love live music and one of my big concerns was not being able to get along to it anymore, but I think I’ve seen more bands in the last year and a bit than I had before (unless you include festivals, in which case other years win out!)

okkervil river

On a similar note, I’ll be going to see War Horse! It’s at the Hippodrome (which has a very good pub opposite it!) and we were able to get tickets – I’ve not seen it before so I’m looking forward to it as I’ve heard very good things. It’s on tour from the National Theatre, which is somewhere I’ve never actually been although I did see their production of Twelfth Night when it was broadcast to cinemas, and that was fantastic!

war horse

At the end of the month I’ll be visiting my little brother in Oxford – he’s just gone off today to start his final year! *insert panic about being old* We’ll hopefully be seeing a couple of exhibitions (there’s one on witchcraft at the Ashmolean museum and a few at the Bodleian that sound really interesting)

I think that’s all my fixed plans for the coming month – a gig, the theatre and a trip to Oxford doesn’t sound at all bad! In between that there will hopefully be cinema trips (I really want to see A Star is Born!) and maybe a visit to Twycross Zoo to try and finally see the snow leopards.

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