A Day in the Life

My days tend to be punctuated by meals and medication – depending on the day of the week and what week it is, I can take anything from 14 to 20 a day (or something like that, the exact combination keeps changing!) I’m quite grateful  that I’m no longer the Debbie of ten years ago who couldn’t take tablets – I was still needing Calpol because I couldn’t swallow tablets. Fortunately, that’s no longer the case! Now the only difficult medication is fortunately one I only need once a week, and it is really just the rigmarole around it (it needs to be taken on an empty stomach and I need to sit bolt upright for half an hour afterwards) that is inconvenient – and it is just that, inconvenient and a mild annoyance, rather than actually being painful or anything.Once a month, I normally have chemo for a few days, but for the last two weeks my platelet count has been too low for that to be prescribed, so we’ll need to go back to the hospital again, and hope that’s corrected itself.


Most days start at 7am with whatever meds I need to take, and typically I then go back to sleep or rest. I seem to do most of my sleeping after 7am these days, which isn’t ideal really! I tend to spend most of the days in fairly similar ways, if I don’t have plans to do something – I read, watch things on Netflix, play Age of Empires and so on. At the moment, quite a lot of the tv programmes I enjoy are back on the air (Strictly Come Dancing, Great British Bake Off and various iterations of quiz shows – as well as Doctor Who coming back on Sunday) – my current favourite is Monkman and Seagull’s Genius Guide to Britain, which is adorable. I got very excited when Seagull retweeted me! Between all these, and the trips to the cinema and other places I’ve written about on here before, there isn’t actually much time left for me! I’m always very grateful that not only am I mostly able to get out and about to things, but also that my parents are able to accompany me, even when I say ‘I want to see a dinosaur!’


My daily routine is still very much focused on being unwell (I literally had to just pause typing in order to take my medication!) but much less so than it was a year ago when I was going into the hospital everyday. I’m fortunate that I can (when my platelet levels allow!) take the chemo at home. It feels a lot less invasive and disruptive than I imagine other forms of chemotherapy to be.


So, after posting this my plan is to alternate between napping and Age of Empires until it’s time for Pointless. If that isn’t a near-perfect way to spend an afternoon, I’m not sure what is!

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