(Spoilers for anyone who hasn’t yet seen our two episodes – they’ll both be on iPlayer now so you can watch them there if you missed them ‘live’)

Since discovering Pointless it has been one of my favourite TV quiz shows – it’s gently funny, never cringeworthy and it doesn’t rely on hooks to get you in. It’s just good TV! (The questions are also neither impossible like Only Connect or ridiculously easy like the majority of ones on the Chase… I might watch too many quiz shows!)


After filming in February, we got an email a couple of weeks ago to say our episodes would be broadcast on the 16th and 17th October – I was attempting to live-tweet them (@medievaldebbie) but now that the second episode has been shown, I can blog about the experience. For those less familiar with Pointless, if you get to the final on your first show, you don’t get a second chance, but if you only make it through to the head-to-head or round 1 or 2, you get to come back for another try. 

When the categories for the jackpot came up, my heart sank a little – I’m intrigued to ind out what the Iceland questions were though! Going for something more open ended sounded like a good idea at the time – I was hoping for the cast of True Blood but no such luck! We had so much fun though, even if I still hate the sound of my voice on camera. The whole process was really smooth, and they’d clearly thought about how using a wheelchair affects things, which is nice! (Although also something I should expect to be the case, really!)

pointless trophies

Things I learnt through being on Pointless:

1) Being on TV is actually a lot less scary than I thought it would be

2) He must get this all the time, but Richard Osman is very tall. Also Alexander Armstrong has very big ears.

3) I must have a habit of asking stupid questions, because I asked our fellow contestants (called James and Kirk) where their friend Tiberius was

4) Stealing questions someone else has got wrong is kind of a dick move, but also, sometimes you’ve got to. Quizzing is a competitive sport after all, even when it’s nice.

5) While we didn’t win the money, at least I know how to spell Truro…

Also breaking your phone which has all the photos from the day on it is not clever. Nearly as not-clever as saying Truro.

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