I love autumn. The smells, the colours, the leaves, my birthday, it all sparks so much joy in me. I even love fireworks and it getting dark earlier – I know lots of people who really don’t like fireworks, but with the exception of people setting them off in the street, they bring back really happy memories for me, of spending time with friends at the village Bonfire Night when I was little to celebrations in Glasgow watching the fireworks from the West brewery. One of my favourite birthdays was the year that we set off fireworks in the garden, and just watching the colours always makes me feel safe, warm and excited. By contrast, I’m not a huge fan of summer – it’s too hot for me, and I don’t really enjoy sunbathing or any other summer-y activities. Nowadays getting my wheelchair on a beach is nigh-on impossible so the entire concept causes more anxiety than it’s worth. I also feel the summer drags in a way that autumn and winter don’t, mostly due to its lack of schedule for an eternal student which is really disorientating!


At the start of this blog post, I mentioned my birthday coming up. It’s on the 7th November, and I’ll be 27 (not 2, as I originally typed!) I’ll be going to London with my mum to see the Harry Potter play, and hopefully we’ll also have time to see the Anglo-Saxons exhibit at the British Library. Doubtless I’ll be writing about all those things more after the event – for now, I’d just like to share this link:


If you’d like to get me something but don’t know what, or don’t want to add to my slightly over-the-top level of possessions, if you’re able to it would be hugely appreciated if you could make a donation to the Brain Tumour Charity. If you’d rather not donate via Facebook, you can also donate directly to the charity.

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