Two years ago was, according to my Facebook memories, the day I flew to Stockholm for a long solo weekend to celebrate my birthday. It was my first time abroad since going to Taize in France in 2011, my first time on a plane (something I used to be terrified of) and my first time in Scandinavia! I’ve always been more fond of colder weather than hot and it even snowed when I was there. One of my favourite bands, First Aid Kit, are from Sweden, and listening to their song Emmylou while walking around in the snow was a very special experience – particularly the line ‘Stockholm’s cold but I’ve been told, I was born to endure this kind of weather’. First Aid Kit were even featured at the ABBA museum!

first aid kit.jpg

I was looking at some photos from the long weekend earlier, and I thought I’d share them here – I’ve been thinking about that trip a lot lately, partly because of the time of year it is and partly because it was my ideal city break (lots of good food and good museums!) I was nervous beforehand, partly because of the flight (which was actually fine) and partly because I knew I would be on my own – even as a fairly introverted person, who doesn’t usually mind being alone, I was worried something would go wrong, or that it would be odd not sharing the experience with someone, but neither of these were really problems. I’d definitely recommend going to Stockholm, especially if your idea of a good day involves museums and churches! It was pretty expensive but you could definitely do it for much cheaper.

So, a few photos from my trip that have cheered me up today!

My (very swanky!) hotel room:


The view from the plane window:


And various churches, museums and photos of Sweden in the snow:

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