(I’m writing this on Monday afternoon and scheduling it to, hopefully, post on Wednesday. I haven’t scheduled a post before – I normally just write and then post, out of a combination of not trusting technology and not trusting myself! So we’ll see if that works…)

Two years ago, I spent my birthday in Stockholm, which was amazing ( and last year, I had radiotherapy on my birthday (which was less amazing). To make up for that, we went to Boston Tea Party, a very hipster (level of hipster: putting avocado in coffee) cafe and had a very nice brunch. This year definitely beats that though, because tomorrow (or yesterday, depending on how this whole scheduling/time travel thing works) my mum and I will be off to London to see Harry Potter and the Cursed Child! We’ll be spending a couple of nights there, and if timing works out I’d also like to see the current exhibit on Anglo-Saxons at the British Library. I’ve heard brilliant things about it, so if we don’t make it I’ll need to make a return trip. I’m only slightly freaking out about the fact I’m going to be 27 and officially in my late twenties. It turns out that both of my brothers thought I was 27 already – in their defence, I think they’re 20 and 24, but I don’t actually have a clue!

The photo above is from last year (I wanted to be sure everyone knew it was my birthday, even though I knew I’d have to give my date of birth!) – I’ll have to hunt out that badge and wear it again on Wednesday! The top I want to wear to Harry Potter also arrived in time to wear it (typically, it is one with the Deathly Hallows on it) so that’s always a good thing! We’ll be opening my presents this evening (Monday 5th) seeing as I’ll be away come Wednesday – so a thank you in advance for those! Even if it won’t be in advance by the time anyone reads this – see, I told you it was time travel!


I’ve set up a fundraiser for my birthday, raising money for the Brain Tumour Charity. I’ve already made my target thanks to some very generous friends, but I’ll be keeping it up for a few weeks yet. The link is here:

If you’d like to get me something but don’t know what, or don’t want to add to my slightly over-the-top level of possessions, if you’re able to it would be hugely appreciated if you could make a donation to the Brain Tumour Charity. If you’d rather not donate via Facebook, you can also donate directly to the charity.

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