At the Zoo


Last Friday (the 16th November) we went to the zoo! Photos will be coming later but for now, I don’t have any so I’ll have to steal some from the family.

I really like Twycross Zoo – it seems to get the balance right between conservation and a fun day out, and the animals seem happy. It’s also a very short distance from where we live – every time we go (which for me has only been three times so far – I went once before I got ill, and then again between surgery and treatment – we tried going again earlier in the year but it was so busy, due to a combination of school holidays and a bank holiday, that we gave up) I think we should go more often. This time the zoo was very quiet in terms of human visitors, which suits me a lot, because I’m definitely not much of a people person. For the first time, I got to see their snow leopards, just as beautiful in real life as they are in photos or on television. I was beginning to think the keepers must have just made them up, and that the zoo didn’t actually have any, but they did appear – the restaurant borders onto their enclosure, so we got to see them during lunch and again later on. They were definitely my personal highlight! It probably helped that there were fewer people and that it was colder than normal – an animal after my own heart!

My other highlights were the monkeys and various other primates – they were playing with their toys in a very similar way to Arya, my kitten. Because it was cold, quite a few of the animals were indoors keeping warm, but none seemed warmer than the meerkats who were huddled like penguins around a heater! Who needs David Attenborough when you’ve got that just down the road?

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