A Night of Disney: A Whole New World

Last night, I went to the Wing’s Family Night of Disney – it’s a community group in the village I live in, which does all sorts of different things from activities for kids during the holidays, to dance clubs, pantomimes and events like last night’s Disney one. As I can’t dance, sing or act (I have very few actual skills, insert your own joke about academia here) I’ve not taken part in anything apart from as an audience member, but it’s such a good thing for the local community to have.

Safe to say, I absolutely loved it last night and barely stopped smiling the entire night (rumours that I shed a tear are wildly exaggerated). The format was that various different cast members (sadly, none of them actually BeyoncĂ©) sang songs from lots of different Disney films, mostly from the 90s. At one point I realised that at least half the people on stage weren’t even born when most of these films came out! Apart from not having one of my favourite Disney songs (Everybody Wants to be a Cat, obviously), it was such a great night, even if I’m now wanting to continue my Disney binge. I may also be listening to a Disney playlist on Spotify as I write this. I think my personal highlight was the wonderful rendition of I Just Can’t Wait to be King – the wee boy who played Simba was fantastic – even if I was slightly disappointed they didn’t have an actual lion cub!

I know Disney holds a lot of nostalgia for most people – I remember going to see Mulan when I was about six, and my mum having to walk my younger brother around town because he was at the stage of falling asleep at the cinema. I’m also fairly sure that film was the first time I thought about being a historian, although I’m not sure I realised that was something you could actually be. Beauty and the Beast cemented my love of books – in the recent live-action remake, I started crying when Emma Watson steps into the Beast’s library, and didn’t really stop.

I had a very busy day yesterday with a visit from one of my PhD supervisors and then this in the evening, and today I’m helping at Messy Church and then attending the church fair, and tonight we’re having our belated St Andrew’s haggis, so by Sunday I’ll probably want to sleep for a while, but I’ll probably just watch as many Disney films as possible!

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