It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas

48053504_273420113288614_4810647268858265600_nToday we decorated our Christmas tree! I say we – I ‘helped’ by watching and giving vague instructions and the occasional compliment, as well as distributing our Christmas headwear.


48336046_308182286697409_761295022074101760_nMost people probably have their own Christmas traditions, some of which change as you get older or move out/spend Christmas with other people, but for me there’s a few things that really make Christmas special. Music, whether that’s carols or secular Christmas songs, always puts a smile on my face – I’ll hopefully be going to at least two carol services this year, and I’ve already been thinking of my ideal carols for it.

I can’t wait for it to be Christmas Eve so I can watch the best Christmas film ever, the Muppets Christmas Carol. Having the excuse to wear garish Christmas jumpers (and when I had my ears pierced, even more garish Christmas earrings) is excellent – although this year I got a shock when my brother Nathan (pictured above( asked for a ‘sensible’ Christmas jumper. Obviously the one he’s wearing today isn’t sensible enough…

I’m planning to write a blog on Christmas Day itself about what I’ll be doing on the day, but for now it’s just exciting to have the tree and the Nativity up (obviously we’ll be having the Three Kings in on Epiphany as they’re still on their way, so they’re the other side of the room!) I know it’s a difficult time of year for lots of people, whether it’s a hard anniversary, or the first Christmas without a special person, and there’s so many people who struggle to get a hot meal or even a roof over their heads, but for me it’s always been a magical time of year and one I try to treasure, especially this year.


One thought

  1. It’s a Christmas Eve tradition of mine to watch Muppets Christmas Carol also!! That film never gets old. It still makes me laugh. “Even the vegetables don’t like him” ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚


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