Review of the Year Part 1


I’ve split this review of the year into a few parts – the first part being this one, and what I think are the best films and TV shows of 2018. I’ll be covering books, plays, gigs, albums and songs of 2018 in other posts, before taking a more personal look back at the year, talking about what some of my highlights have been!

This list is liable to change if I go to see anything else this year, or if someone else releases an even better album or book!

Film of the year

I missed out on seeing a few films this year, like Black Panther and Juliet, Naked. Since not having an Unlimited card I don’t get to the cinema as often as I did – I’m hoping to be able to catch the films I missed though. Remembering what was 2018 and what was 2017 is also difficult! I haven’t really seen any stand out films released this year – 2017 seemed like a much better year for cinema! Most of the films I really enjoyed this year weren’t released recently, like Don’t Look Now (even if it is mostly set in Venice, a city which I have mixed feelings about!). I’ve also been on quite a Disney binge, thanks to friends getting me a subscription to Disney Life.

The one film I’ve seen more than once this year is Mamma Mia 2, which I actually really enjoyed. It wasn’t the best film by any means, but it was fun and a lot better than the first one. Most films I’ve seen last year I mostly enjoyed with a few exceptions – Solo, for example, I mostly really liked (and loved Donald Glover as YoungLando) but some of the action sequences were a bit long for me. The length of films is my most common complaint!

I think my film of the year was A Star is Born – Lady Gaga was fantastic and I didn’t find myself getting bored (although the British-ness as code for villainy is overdone in so many films!).

In 2019, I’m particularly looking forward to the live action remake of the Lion King (released in July 2019) and the new Star Wars, which I don’t think has been named yet but should be out in December 2019. This probably tells you most of what you need to know about me! In 2019, I’m going to try and be better at actually recording what I see and when, partly to make it easier to look back at them and so I know what I need to watch on DVD!

TV show of the year

Many of my favourite television this year is stuff that I’ve seen on Netflix rather than on traditional channels (although a shout out for Big Cats Around the House and My Cat from Hell, which should really be called ‘My Partner from Hell who doesn’t appreciate my clearly adorable cat). An honourable mention also goes to Brooklyn 99, which I like a lot more than I expected to, and manages to deal with serious issues especially around race and sexuality without feeling preachy or holier-than-thou. Although it feels a very long time ago now, Call the Midwife is always a highlight of my year – nuns and babies are a pretty winning combination!

I mostly really enjoyed the new series of Doctor Who – I love Jodie as the Doctor, Yaz is fantastic, Bradley Walsh is much better than I could ever have expected and Ryan is a great character, if not the best actor. I’m not sure how much longer it can last because everything runs its course, but there’s been a few really good episodes this series (I’ve particularly enjoyed those set in the 20th century, like the ones about Rosa Parks and the partition of India.)

My favourite TV show at the moment is The Good Place, which I blogged about here: – it manages to be funny while not relying on cheap or easy laughs and is clever without being pretentious as well as featuring some great performances – if you haven’t seen it yet, do!

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