Just Like Christmas!

Merry Christmas! Today is Boxing Day, which I’ve mostly spent reading, sleeping, eating and playing various games. Between the five of us we got quite a few games yesterday so that’s always a highlight of Boxing Day. I know lots of people enjoy going to the Boxing Day sales but I don’t like crowds (and they’re even more difficult in a wheelchair!) so short of going for a Boxing Day walk (or push, I suppose, although we didn’t make it out for one today), I don’t really have any Boxing Day traditions apart from it just being a lovely, relaxing day.

While it wasn’t a Christmas present, I’ve been phoneless for far too long now and a few days ago we finally got round to transferring my SIM into my brother’s old phone which makes it a lot easier to take photos, so prepare for a bit of an onslaught!

I went to church on Christmas morning wearing a Christmas jumper, a Christmassy hairband and Christmas pyjamas… Some might think that was overdoing it a bit.

This can definitely be counted as overdoing it though! (Yea, this is a photo of me wearing two Christmas hats at once…)

I was definitely full of the Christmas spirit, unlike someone I could mention (although he soon looked a lot happier after opening one of his presents from me, a cuddly baby jaguar named Mick, short for Mick Jaguar!)

Today, along with eating some leftovers from yesterday and a fair amount of the chocolate I was given, I’ve been enjoying making a start on another of my Christmas presents, a book about women in history by Jenni Murray – it’s as if people know my interests! I also got given a couple of vouchers including one for Waterstones so I’m looking forward to getting some more books!

So all in all it’s been a really lovely few days, even if they’ve been very tiring – hopefully I’ll have recovered enough by next week to celebrate Hogmanay properly!

And finally, a photo of a gift tag from my brother which made me giggle…

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