Review of the Year, part 3

So, part 3 of my review of the year is looking at gigs and albums!

Gig of the Year

I’ve blogged previously about some of the gigs I’ve been to – most recently Mercury Rev ( I also went to see Iron and Wine, Okkervill River and the Low Anthem.

There were other gigs I missed out on – Belle and Sebastian, Arcade Fire and First Aid Kit being the main ones. I’ve seen Belle and Sebastian lots of times though, and First Aid Kit a couple of times. I bought my dad and brother tickets for Arcade Fire for Christmas 2017, and apparently that was great. The thing I’m most disappointed about missing out on was the Green Man festival in Wales – I’ve been once before, but this year the line up looked fantastic and some of my family did go and I think it was one of their highlights of the year. Sadly I can’t camp anymore and I’m meant to avoid infection, so a festival would not be the best of ideas.

As predicted, Mercury Rev was my favourite gig of the year – coincidentally a band I first saw at Green Man!

Album of the Year

When it comes to my favourite album of the year, the one which keeps coming to mind is Alela Diane’s Cusp – it’s a truly beautiful album about mothers and daughters which I could listen to over and over again. I also need to listen to the albums released by Janelle Monae, Gwenno and Cat Power, because with all of them I really like what I have heard, it just hasn’t been the whole album!

Again, I’ve probably forgotten quite a few, and I keep forgetting what was 2018 and what was earlier- one of my aims for 2019 is definitely to keep a better record of what actually happens!

Part 1:

Part 2:

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