New Years Resolutions

I know it isn’t technically New Year yet, but as it is only a couple of days to go, I thought I’d post up my resolutions for 2019. I usually, like most people, end up abandoning them but once again, I’ll give it a go and see what happens! My main and unexpected achievement of 2018 was surviving it (so far, I’m hoping that hasn’t jinxed it!) So, my resolutions for 2019:

Read 50 books

I’ll try and keep a track of what and when I read, because while I’m quite a fast reader, I’m awful at remembering the books I’ve finished! I have a fair few new books from Christmas presents, and got given a couple of vouchers which I’m intending to spend on books, as well as reading some of the ones which have been on my shelf for a long time. I also hope to reread some old favourites.

Write short stories

I wasn’t very successful at the NaNoWriMo challenge, and ended up giving up well before the end, but I’m going to try again with a twist- this time taking longer and focusing on shorter pieces of writing. I even have a few ideas already! I used to do quite a bit of writing but recently I haven’t been, and I think it would be good for me.

Do crafts

My youngest brother got me a really interesting Christmas present from Hobbycraft, which was a box and lots of decorating materials – the idea is that it will be a fun thing to make and then I can use the box to keep other craft materials in. Once I’ve done that, I’d like to try making a scrapbook – at the moment, so many of my photos are online or on my phone but looking at older photos feels like something special. I was put off crafts for a while, partly due to my hand tremor but that seems to be a little better and I was able to make all my Christmas cards by hand this year! I used to do a fair amount of cross stitching but that takes far better eyesight and fine motor skills than I currently possess!

Keep doing things

I’d like to keep doing things – my parents got me tickets to see a few things at the theatre in 2019, and on top of that I have a few ideas of my own. Not only is it nice to have things to look forward to (and strangely motivational) it also gets me out of the house and out from behind a screen.

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