Review of the Year Part 4

My previous reviews of the year have looked at films, books, music and theatre, and while it is always nice to look back at what I’ve enjoyed (and at what I haven’t!) this is going to be a more personal reflection on the year.

The first thing, and to me the most important, is the fact I’ve survived! I know there’s still a little bit of 2018 left but I’m hoping to be able to see in 2019, and then we can take it a step at a time.

Health-wise, the chemotherapy seems to be having the desired results on the tumour- after a while of bad news followed by bad news, it is finally shrinking. Unfortunately, as well as attacking the cancer, my platelet levels are fairly low, albeit not dangerously so – it just means I’ve not been able to have chemo for a few weeks. I’ll take bruises and feeling exhausted if it means the tumour is shrinking though! My usual consultant is currently on maternity leave after having had a wee baby in November so that’s meant a bit of a shift around but I like my new one as well – everyone at the QE cancer centre seems really nice and so that’s a good thing. They all seem interested in me as an actual human being, not just a patient, which definitely helps me to feel better at a place where so much focuses around illness.

My hand tremor is a bit better – I still can’t write at speed, and I’d make no claims to it being neat, but I can do it and I even made my Christmas cards this year! I have a couple of craft projects I’m hoping to do in the New Year (more details on that are in my New Years Resolutions post) and hopefully that’ll stop me frittering away all my time on Age of Empires.

Mostly this year has been quite quiet but I’ve packed a lot into it, and been able to do more things than I thought. I went on holiday with my family, saw some friends, went to the cinema and the theatre a fair bit, and even managed to make it to my goddaughter’s birthday party! I’d be lying if I said this was how I thought or planned that 2018 would go – I thought it would be the year that I finished my PhD and started looking for a job, and I’d hoped to do a lot more travelling, especially in Scandinavia after falling in love with Stockholm in 2016.

As last year, apart from surviving, my highlight of the year (and I think my family would agree!) is the continued presence of my kitten, Arya.

She is as beautiful as ever, and still likes splitting her time between giving me cuddles and pretending to attack other members of the family – she also loves playing outside and trying to chase after the neighbourhood squirrels! So far this has been less successful than she would like…

I hope you have all had excellent and less eventful 2018s!

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