Plans for January

I’ve been spending most of January so far working out my plans for the month – although it’s still only the 2nd, even if it feels like it’s been much longer than that.

On Friday the 4th, I have a physiotherapy appointment – I’m hoping I feel less exhausted by then because they’re really helpful when I have the energy but less so when I can barely move from how tired I am. Next Tuesday I have another appointment with the consultant, so hopefully my platelets will have gone up enough to be allowed to be prescribed chemo. It’ll also be my brother’s 25th birthday, so we will probably do something to celebrate that! (Something more fun than a blood test, I hope!) This also means that before then I need to get his presents bought and wrapped… Apart from those two appointments, I don’t currently have any other hospital appointments planned, so my only other medical plan is, as always, ‘avoid hospitalisation’…

Another plan for January is to continue my various challenges to myself – I’ve challenged myself to read 50 books across the year, and I’m already on the second one. I’m also going to try and take a photo a day, which you should be able to see on instagram (my account is @deebish91) and hopefully by the end of the month I’ll have decorated my craft box I got for Christmas and started my scrapbook!

In terms of fixed plans, I’ll be starting the year off in a similar vein to how I spent most of last year – going to the theatre (this time, the Rep in Birmingham) to see the Wizard of Oz! We have tickets for this Saturday, so that should be good fun!

At the end of the month, I’ll be going to the Young Adults meet-up for the Brain Tumour charity- I couldn’t turn down an opportunity for food and board games. I haven’t done very much socialising recently and I’m bad at talking to new people, but despite being a bit nervous about it, I’m looking forward to the event and to meeting other people in a similar position to mine.

The final thing I would like to do in January (or February, as that’s when the exhibition closes and this month is already looking scarily busy!) is to go to that there London and (finally) see the Anglo-Saxon exhibit at the British Library. I’ve been really enjoying seeing photos from it on Twitter and reading other people’s takes on it.

For today, though, I’m going to spend the rest of the day reading, eating and resting while trying not to actually fall asleep so that I’m hopefully feeling much more rested by Friday!

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