Photo Jenny

One of my challenges to myself for this year is the photo a day challenge! I’m attempting to take at least one photo every day – I also want to get back into ‘proper’ photography because I don’t think I’ve so much as switched my camera on since Italy… once it’s all charged (and once I’ve actually found it) I’ll use it to take my photos but for now phone ones will have to do! Apologies to people who follow me on instagram, as you may have seen these before.

Here’s a photo of me from New Year’s Day – we had some crackers left over from Christmas, hence the hat!

Another of my challenges to myself for 2019 is to read 50 books – it’s an ambitious challenge but so far I’m ahead of the game! Here’s a photo of one of the books (along with my absurdly tiny charger!)

My ambition to craft more is definitely going well so far, and here’s one of my works in progress.

For my fourth photo, this is one of the bookmarks I was given – cats and bookmarks make for a very good combination!

Yesterday we went to see the Wizard of Oz at the Birmingham Rep, and here’s a photo of the programme!

And finally, the photo for today – every year my brother gets me my favourite sweets from the German market and so I’m enjoying them this afternoon!

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