Bullet Journalling (again)

Every so often I try to get into bullet journalling, and every time I give up almost straight away. It’s the same impulse I feel when I try to do colouring books – I make too many mistakes, or change my mind about which colours to use or how to lay the thing out, and rather than it being relaxing I end up getting far too stressed and giving up. So by this time next week I may have dropped this effort but I’m going to give it another go!

So far, I haven’t done much – I’m planning on adding a few more sections and decorating it tonight and then starting properly tomorrow (hopefully this also helps get rid of my frankly ridiculous need to start things on the first day of a new month…)

I’ll be using a new notebook which I got for Christmas, and the pens I bought for decorating and making Christmas cards and presents. I have so many mostly unused notebooks that it seems a bit of a waste to buy one specifically for this, but it’s a lovely notebook!

I’m hoping to start properly tomorrow, hence the tracking starting on the 9th January – so far it all looks fairly plain, but I have some stickers and lots of different washi tapes, so one of my jobs for tomorrow is to do that.

Hopefully this helps me keep a better track of what I’m up to, as well as providing much needed motivation to do what my physio tells me… it’ll also give me an opportunity to write by hand, which I don’t do very often so perhaps it will show some improvement.

If anyone has any other ideas for things I haven’t yet done, or things they record, please do share!

I also had some help from a very special kitten!

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