I’m attempting to use my time more productively this year, hence all the reading and my attempts to be creative. Whether that’s making cards or decorating craft boxes, bullet journalling or scrapbooking, I want to do things that challenge me and aren’t just starting at a screen. At school I was terrible at Art and gave it up as soon as I could – and I’ve certainly never been any good at drawing. As I’ve got older though, I’ve realised that sometimes it was just the types of art we did at school that I couldn’t do or get into (and probably a bit of me just giving up too easily!) I really want to get back into photography, especially wildlife photography – just as a hobby, I’m nowhere near good enough to be anything but an amateur! – and if my eyesight improves enough to be able to cross stitch without jabbing my fingers with needles, that would be cool as well.

Today, I tried doing some drawing- I used a photo I took in the local water park a couple of years ago as inspiration.


It’s nothing especially good but I’m proud of myself, not only for how it’s turned out but also for not just thinking ‘well, I’m not good at that so I won’t try’ – it’s no Van Gogh, but I don’t think it’s terrible! I’m worried I’ll ruin it by adding colour so I’m leaving it as it is for now and might add some colour later, but so far it’s just a pencil sketch.


I’m going to try drawing my kitten next – although I’m also wary of just ending up with lots of unfinished projects. I’m not hopeful she’ll stay still for long enough for me to draw her but I should at least be able to get a photo to sketch from!

I also don’t want getting into crafts to become too much of an excuse just to go to Paperchase and Hobbycraft all the time, much as I love them. But there’s 14 pages left in the small book of sketch paper I got from Paperchase, so that should give me ample space to do things! I blame my brother for getting me hooked on crafting at Christmas


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