Photo Jenny (again!)

To continue my photo challenge, here’s a selection of pictures from the last week – it’s mostly been quite a quiet week, though my middle brother turned 25 on Tuesday so we were able to celebrate that.

On Monday, my dad dropped my baby brother in Oxford for his penultimate term at university, and, as you have to do when you’re in Oxford, they went to Blackwells (the bookshop there) – he brought me this book back! I love it – and the illustrations are beautiful, and wonderfully diverse (there’s even a girl in a wheelchair!)

On Tuesday it was my other brother’s 25th birthday – I spent a large chunk of the day at a hospital appointment but we were able to celebrate with a meal out in the evening. I really enjoyed it – it was my first trip to the restaurant after its refurbishment. I also got a rare photo with Dave!

Wednesday meant a much less fancy meal but my mum decided to make my lunch look ‘pretty’, and partly because of the contrast with the night before and partly because I am Instagram trash, I took a photo of it as it amused and still amuses me.

Thursday’s photo is one I’m planning to talk about a bit more in my post about my reading challenge, but I have so many thoughts about this book!

For Friday’s photo, here’s one of my bookmarks! Cats and books make for a very good combination – they also fairly accurately sum up this week!

On Saturday, I spent much of the day drawing – I wrote about it on this blog but here’s a photo of what I managed! I’m going to try and colour it in once my new watercolours arrive, and I’m hoping to keep drawing and try to get better, but it’s a lot of fun (when I’m not being forced to do it!) and so even though I’m not very good, that doesn’t bother me as much as I thought it would.

I’m cheating a bit with today’s photo as I technically took it yesterday- but these shoes are so gorgeous they deserve to be everywhere! I have a few pairs of docs, but these might be my favourites so far – and they were in the sale so relatively cheap!

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