Picture This

Another week, another photo blog! Here’s a few photos from the past week for my photo challenge.

I’ve got into drawing in a big way recently and here is my kitten Arya with one of the results! I’ve promised her I will try and draw her next but despite most of the photos on my phone being of her, none of them would quite work as drawings – I’ve also bought a much larger canvas so I might try using that one! No promises though, because the idea sounds terrifying.

Here’s another photo of the goose I drew, before I coloured it in – the pencils are watercolours from Hobbycraft and even I manage to use them (with my limited artistic skill!) – they also seem to have a decent range of colours.

This may be the best thing I’ve received in the post lately! It’s a nun duck! After a quick Twitter poll, it’s name is ‘Billdegard Von Wingen’. Thanks to Kimm for the gift ; I love it and even Arya seems to have made friends with it.

This week I’ve also been keeping my reading up, and ahead of LGBT History Month in February one of those books was Call Me By Your Name – I have some Thoughts about this (I haven’t yet seen the film but I do intend to). I also read ‘Love, Hate and Other Filters’ which I really enjoyed!

SCM was one of my favourite experiences of university, and I’ve met some of my favourite people through it. I got given this mug when I eventually stepped down from General Council, and whenever I use it I’m reminded of the good times I had. The mug in the background has a print of Starry Night by Vincent Van Gogh on it.

Finally, here’s some photos of the drawing I’m working on today!

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