Health Update

I spent most of the morning today at the hospital, getting blood taken and seeing an oncologist to get and discuss the results of my MRI scan last week. There’s not very much new to report – despite not having had chemo since the middle of November, the tumour is fairly stable at the moment. This isn’t as good as it having shrunk again but it’s far better than it having grown! My platelets aren’t up to the level they should be at, but they have improved a bit – so they’re going in the right direction, as is my liver function. Both were a bit concerning before, especially because there’s a very limited amount that I could actually do about it! I’ll be taking a wee break from chemo to give my platelets and liver a chance to recover a little.

Most amusingly was being told that I’m ‘only mildly abnormal’ – this may be my highlight of 2019 so far! In fairness, I think the doctor was referring to my platelets but I’ll take what I can get.

The other good thing is that I don’t have to go back to the clinic for two months – I’ll have another scan to see if things have changed but hopefully it will make the hospital feel slightly less like my second home! I’ll be there in February for a physiotherapy appointment but I’m planning on taking full advantage of the time off – once I’ve caught up on some much needed sleep!

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