Get to Know Me (2)

I’m not sure whether the people who typically read this are people I know in ‘real life’, who I’ve met on Twitter, random strangers who stumbled across this blog or other assorted people! Whichever category, you’re very welcome! I thought I would do another get to know me post, even though I’ve had this blog since September 2017.

Image description: Cup of tea with text underneath, reading ‘Get to know me! For every like, I will tweet a confession/fact about myself’

Rather than likes, I’m going to try and think of 27 facts about myself. I did this challenge once before but didn’t have nearly as many, so there may be some overlap, things you already know or that I’ve mentioned in other blog posts.

1. You probably already know this if you are reading this blog, but I have a brain tumour.

2. I was diagnosed while on a family holiday in Italy in summer 2017, so what was meant to be a relaxing holiday eating good Italian food and seeing nice sights/the beach was mostly spent in various hospitals….

3. In total, I’ve ruined three family holidays. When I was 7, I broke my arm literally hours before we were due to go to France so missed the ferry. A few years ago, I lost/had my passport stolen and discovered it was missing just before we were due to go to Malta – the rest of my family went but I had a staycation (which was actually very nice!) and finally got the chance to visit Tamworth Castle. Then in 2017 there was the Italy disaster… at least 2018 was much nicer!

4. I’m scared of frogs – this is mostly because when I was quite young, one of our cats at the time caught one. I thought she had killed it so I went to investigate – it jumped up in my face and I screamed.

5. I was born in Devon, moved to Birmingham and then to Glasgow. I now live back with my parents near Tamworth.

6. Both of my parents are vicars, which confuses people a lot more than I expect it to and often results in my having to give a brief explanation of denominations to them.

7. I am definitely a cat person.

8. I’ve been getting back into reading a lot recently – I had set myself a challenge of reading 50 books in 2019 but I might need to up that!

9. I’m also doing a lot of drawing and crafts – I never used to be any good at that kind of thing but practise means improvement, and I think it’s done wonders for my hand tremor.

10. Annoyingly the only craft I used to be decent at was cross stitch – which I can’t do now because my eyesight isn’t good enough to thread a needle properly and I’d almost certainly jab myself more than any actual stitching.

11. I can’t ride a bike, despite multiple people trying to teach me over the years.

12. I have two younger brothers – Dave is 25 and Nathan is 20 (I think that’s right, none of us can ever remember how old we all are)

13. I also have a kitten-cat – her name is Arya and I spend about 80% of my time talking about her. We got her as a recovery kitten for me and although she is somewhat resistant to being trained, she is utterly adorable.

14. I used to be terrified of flying until I went to Stockholm, when I discovered I actually quite like it.

15. Of places I’ve actually been, Stockholm (and Sweden) is my favourite. When I was there it was snowing, which I love, and I went to lots of museums and ate very well – even for such a fussy eater, there wasn’t anywhere I couldn’t find something nice!

16. I’ve never actually been outside Europe.

17. I’m much more of a cold weather person than a warm weather one – which is probably why Iceland has been on my to-visit list for so long!

18. When I was diagnosed, I had to take a break but before that I was doing a PhD in early medieval nuns at Glasgow, where I also did my undergrad and my Masters.

19. I was on Pointless!

20. I haven’t eaten fish since I was about 7.

21. I’m very, very stubborn.

22. I used to want a pet goat, but my brother was scared of them so I was told I wasn’t allowed one. It has been suggested that may not have been the whole reason…

23. I’ve been published twice – as an undergrad in 2014, when I was published in the Dialectic Society’s journal, Groundings (and that article was then republished in Groundings Ancients, which features contributions from the Scottish ancient universities). Last year an article based on my Masters dissertation was published in the Journal of Medieval Monastic Studies.

24. When I was about to turn 17, I crashed a quad bike on a residential. I decided it would probably not be safe for anyone if I learnt to drive (probably much to the relief of everyone!)

25. I was a trustee of SCM (the Student Christian Movement) for four years – as part of that I got to have lots of amazing experiences and met lots of great people – including the mother of my goddaughter!

26. At university, I was on the Amnesty committee which gave me the chance to speak in front of 300-odd people at our annual Secret Policeman’s Ball. Considering how terrified I was beforehand, this was definitely one of my highlights of university.

27. I also enjoy going to see films, plays, musicals, gigs and so on – I’m lucky to live near a number of cities where I can see these kind of things. So far this year we’ve been to see the Wizard of Oz, and we have a few exciting plans for the next couple of months, mostly at the Birmingham Hippodrome.

3 Thoughts

  1. I am also a friend of your parents from university though I didn’t really get to know them j til after they graduated. I met you once in Abbotskerswell.


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