Picture This (2)

Another week, another photo blog!

Monday 21st January

(Image description: a drawing of three penguins, presumably a family)

I’m still finding faces quite difficult to draw but I wanted to attempt some penguins as asides from cats and foxes, they are some of my favourite animals!

Also, all the things I’ve drawn so far are on the backs of blank postcards – if anyone wants me to send them one just ask!

Tuesday 22nd January

(Image description: a table with a tray on it, a tiffin on a plate and a hot chocolate)

On Tuesday, I had a clinic appointment at the hospital and afterwards we went to the Costa which has become something of a tradition (depending a bit on the timing, we sometimes go to a pub for lunch afterwards!)

Wednesday 23rd January

(Image description: selfie of me, no make up and no filter!)

As I said on Instagram where I initially uploaded this, I actually like this photo of me which is such a rare occurrence I thought it was worth documenting!

Thursday 24th January

I don’t think I actually took a photo on Thursday so here’s one from Friday morning.

(Image description: my kitten Arya sitting on my duvet)

It’s now quite rare that Arya comes up on my bed but when she does, she usually settles down next to me or on my feet for a wee nap. Friday morning though, she managed to get herself stuck inside the duvet… once I’d ascertained that she was actually moving, I just giggled at her until she was able to free herself.

Friday 25th January

(Image description: pair of folded dungarees in a stripy rainbow print)

(Image description: me as a toddler, wearing a very similar pair of dungarees and carrying a toy clown dressed almost identically)

Two photos for today, because I wanted to show the comparison between my fashion sense in 2019 and in c.1994 (I’m not quite sure how old I was there!) It seems I haven’t changed very much at all!

I haven’t yet tried these dungarees on so I’m hoping they fit. They’re from Lucy and Yak’s and they look and feel beautiful!

Saturday 26th January

(Image description: a white Cards against Humanity card)

Yesterday I went along to the Brain Tumour Charity meet up for young adults – I didn’t take very many photos apart from this one but I did blog about it. If you’re interested in reading about it, you can look at what I wrote here yesterday. Thank you to the organisers – I had a fun time and people were lovely.

Sunday 27th January

(Image description: a photo of the front cover of Becoming by Michelle Obama)

This is my current read – a woman at church lent it to me because she thought I would like it. So far I am – it’s well written, honest and doesn’t come across as too ‘politiciany’ (which is very different from being political!)

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