Picture This (3)

Another week and another instalment of my photo a day challenge!

On Monday and Tuesday I spent much of both days with my kitten – she’s taken to jumping up on my lap a lot. I think it’s because of the blanket, which is usually on my lap if I’m in my chair downstairs. She tends to even stay here when she is being harassed by my brother Dave – she can more than hold her own though!

Despite being a medievalist, I’ve never actually read all of the Canterbury Tales! I realised quite quickly it wasn’t going to work reading them all through at once, but I’m definitely enjoying reading it alongside other books, even if it is taking me a lot longer to read than some others.

The only photo I have from Thursday is another one of Arya. I can’t help that she’s so photogenic… I keep meaning to draw her but I can never get her to stay still for long enough or get a good enough photo to draw from.

I’ve already shared most of the photos I took on Friday on here – we went down to London for the British Library Anglo Saxons exhibit, and a combination of my phone being on low power and photography not being allowed in the exhibition itself meant that I didn’t take many pictures. These ones were both taken at lunch though, featuring Cuthbert (or Cuthbeart as a friend on Twitter pointed out he should be called) and my pie! I think the pub we ended up going to was called the Euston Flyer – it was very nice, if a bit hipster, especially the menu!

My Saturday photo is of one of my mugs for today – I think I got this in a Secret Santa in 2016. It’s a colour change mug, and says ‘I solemnly swear that I am up to no good’ – for those who aren’t familiar with Harry Potter, it’s a phrase from the Marauders Map introduced in the third book. I have a lot of mugs and most of them made it down from Glasgow intact, fortunately! This one is pretty helpful for reminding me to drink tea before it goes too cold!

Today I went to the Candlemas service at Merevale Church, which was followed by a lunch at a local pub with members of the choir and their families. I am (obviously to anyone who has heard me sing!) not in the choir but Dad as the vicar was invited along so I got to go. Both the service and the lunch were really nice, even if it was pretty chilly! After having gone to church a lot over Christmas itself, this was my first time of the year going – church has for me always been a place that has felt like home so it was lovely to be able to make it, and the pub lunch was a good bonus (as was the fact we got to make fire in the service… I mean, light candles). A particular highlight of the meal was discovering that the other people I was talking to also watch My Cat from Hell, which is one of my favourite tv programmes which we discovered accidentally – it should really be called ‘My Partner from Hell’ as it’s always the partner or the housemate who is the one with the problem, not the cats, who are almost universally wonderful. I highly recommend it for trashy TV/Sunday afternoon viewing!

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